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October 15, 2012 Sixth Point of ‘Gujarat Praja Vikas Darshan – 2012′: Empowering the educational sector

Leaders of Gujarat Congress in a press conference to announce the sixth point of ‘Gujarat Praja Vikas Darshan – 2012′

The Sixth Point under “Gujarat Praja Vikas Darshan-2012” is dedicated for the betterment of today’s education in Gujarat. We declare that if Congress is voted to power, many constructive perks will be offered to the people of Gujarat including laptops to all the students after Standard-12, Government boys and girls hostels in urban areas, sports complexes at Taluka level, establishment of a University in Tribal area, no sanction for school without play ground and library, constitution of a special “Vidya Nidhi” for scholarship to poor and middle class students studying in Self-financed colleges, democratic elections of school and college students unions and bringing enactment of special Act for payment of full salaries to teachers of private educational institutions.

Free laptops will be distributed to all the students after standard 12th till post-graduation so as to improve level of education from primary to University level and to enable student of Gujarat to compete globally by keeping them equipped with knowledge of computer and information technology. The graduate candidates having knowledge of I.T. and computer skills are in demand world-wide so far as employment opportunities are concerned; this facility will be able to make them competent, globally.

No school will be granted sanction without playgrounds and library. At present, the Chief Minister of Gujarat is cheating youth of Gujarat under the guise of his stunts labeled with ‘Khel Mahakumbh’, under the ridiculous slogan “Play Gujarat, Win Gujarat”. Out of total 80 sportspersons from India participated in London Olympics, 20 were from the state of Haryana and out of total 6 medals begged by India, 4 went to the Haryana’s sportspersons. Following the Haryana pattern, centers will be established at particular cities for different sports and world-level sportsmen will be trained through comprehensive training. Sports complexes will be established at Taluka-level for indoor and outdoor games. “Gujarat Olympic Academy” will be established for motivating the youth of Gujarat for participating and competing in national and international sports events. Coaches from abroad and from within the country in addition to the infrastructure facilities would be made available.

For providing accommodation facilities to the students who come to metro cities from rural areas for pursuing their higher studies, arrangements will be made by construction separate hostels for boys and girls at the cost of Government for their lodging and boarding at reasonable charges.

The Congress leaders stated that during last 17 years B.J.P. rule, educational institutes who are looting under the guise of self-financed education institutes have been encouraged. In such institutes, standards of fees fixed is beyond reach of middle class student. For the purpose of extending assistance of such students from poor and middle class families, a special “Vidya Nidhi” would be constituted from which Congress’s State Government would assist the students pursuing their studies in self-financed colleges. No student will have to abandon his study due to financial crisis. Fees of 30% of poor and middle class students studying in self-financed colleges will be paid from this Vidya Nidhi.

About 55% of vacancies in Government Colleges of technical education and about 60% vacancies in higher education will be filled in immediately. Industrial Training Institutes would be modernized and manpower would be trained following the needs of industries. Skill Development Corporation will be established on the pattern of National Skill Development Mission.

A new university will be established for providing students in Tribal areas to ensure higher education opportunities at their doorstep.
Teachers working with private schools and colleges are being exploited by paying them meager salaries. For ensuring full wages to such teachers, a special Act would be enacted so as to see that such teachers can impart quality education in such institutions.

Students from rural areas come to urban areas for attending schools and colleges, however, there is no availability of adequate transportation facilities of S.T. Buses for them. Today, most of the S.T. buses are engaged in political extravaganza of the Chief Minister. Congress Government will make special arrangements of “Student Special Buses” during school-college timings.

University Grants Commission norms will be followed for administration of Universities. The practice of nepotism will be discontinued in appointments of Vice Chancellors. For enhancing scope of education, model schools and model degree colleges will be established at every Districts. “Nayi Talim Board” will be constituted in the State for management of institutions functioning in the State on the model of Nayi Talim and Gandhian thoughts and provision for special grants for such institutional functioning at present for their management.

Appointment of adequate number of teachers in primary schools also for quality education including English language to the poor and middle class students in Government schools, one English teacher for each school and in private primary schools of high standards also, the rule for admission to middle class families on 25% of seats free of cost will be enforced as per Right to Education Act, 2009
enacted by the Government of India. For easy availability of education loans, efforts will be made to coordinate with the Nationalised banks and cooperative banks. Pre-metric scholarship is not being extended to the minority students in the State for long time; once Congress is voted to power in the State, Pre-metric scholarship scheme will be implemented fully in the State and will be made effective from retrospective effect.

Since British rule, elections of student unions of University and Colleges are being conducted in democratic way. So as to inspire values of democracy and develop qualities of patience since from their age of students, elections of student unions in Universities and Colleges will be conducted in democratic ways.

There has been no consistent policy in the State so far as education is concerned. Anomalies are being created by modifying admission rules every year. Due to various affairs and festivities, teachers in Gujarat remain busy with activities other than imparting education, as a result of which there is decline in enrolment of students in primary and secondary education in Gujarat. In Educational Development Index, Gujarat is ranked at 8th out of 20 States. Similarly, out of 20 States, Gujarat is ranked at no.12 in respect of school-going children in the age group of 5 to 14 years whereas, in the age group of 15 to 19 years, the Gujarat is at the bottom – at no.18 in the charge. There has been a steep decrease in the ratio of education in girl students in standard 8 to 12 after passing standard 7.

This is just an outline of what should have been offered to the people of the state. They are being cheated in the name of promises and high fees. Growth of a nation depends upon the development of each and every citizen, rich or poor. A good government tends to every person’s needs and that is what we intend to achieve.

Jai Hind!

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