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Porbandar, with its rich mythological and historical fortune, has always been attracting people from all over the world. This place is best known as the birthplace of Mahatma Gandhi, the Father of our Nation. Being a sea-shore city Porbandar has been able to develop itself into a favourite tourist destination and a hubbing port. Chowpati Beach, Kirti mandir,Kamla Nehru park, Nehru planetarium and Huzoor Palace have already placed Porbandar on the wish-list of many.

The city’s historical past is more glorious than the current scenario. The princely state of Porbandar was ruled by many distinguished names like the Jethwas, Marathas and the Gaekwads. The rich cultural wealth of Porbandar (then Kathiawad) got richer with the arrival of the British. It joined the dominion of India in 1947 and became independent on February 15, 1948.

Shri Arjun Modhwadia was first elected as the Member of Legislative Assembly (MLA) in 2002 after he defeated the then BJP Minister Babu Bokhiria with a margin of more than 4,400 votes. With his good work and reputation, Shri Modhwadia was re-elected at an MLA in 2007 when he defeated Mrs. Shanta Odedra with a margin of more than 9,400 votes.

Shri Arjun Modhwadia is known to be a workaholic among his peers. Because of his untiring efficiency to travel and interact with people, he has been dedicating his most of the time to his work. Results of his efforts can be seen in the changing face of Porbandar. Issues about infrastructure, education, sewage treatment, public amenities, cleanliness, law and order, coastline etc have taken a backseat in last few years. Due to the efforts of Shri Modhwadia, Porbandar received the following gifts from the Ministry of Railways:

  •  Creation of platform No.2
  •  Status of ‘Model station’ for Porbandar railway station
  •  Conversion of Porbandar – Jetalsar – Vansjadia track from meter gauge to broad gauge
  •  Porbandar – Secunderabad route apporved
  •  Initiated Porbandar – Santragachi (Kolkata) Kaviguru express
  • Porbandar – Rajkot via Jetalsar daily train, Porbandar – Veraval daily train, Porbandar – Kochuveli express and Porbandar – Ajmer Urs special train approved.