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October 30, 2012 My apology to the people of India…

I am very sorry that the Chief Minister of my state, Narendra Modi, made very cheap remarks about women in a public speech in Himachal Pradesh. It is a fact that as a democratically elected head of the state, he represents six crore people of Gujarat.

But, it is also a fact that, the way he is conducting himself has nothing to do with Gujarat’s culture and pride of its people. Rather, in his lust for power, he is destroying the rich culture of Gujarat and painting a picture of Gujarat with which no Gujarati would like to associate himself.

It is an irony of the situation that such a person represents Gujarat and its six crore people. On behalf of these six crore people I apologize to people of the country particularly women for his remarks.

Neither Mahatma Gandhi nor Sardar Patel ever spoke about women in such a way. Rather they held women in high respect and dignity. He recently took out his political yatra in Gujarat in the name of Swami Vivekananda. His stated mission was to inculcate values of Swami Vivekananda in the youth. His remarks in yesterday’s meeting are an insult to Swami Vivekananda.

I am sure that his own political guru, L K Advani, whom he has ditched, never made any derogatory remark about women. His views reflect mindset of a typically male dominated society where women are just a product for the pleasure of males to be used and abused for petty purposes.

In Modi’s defence, not much can be expected from a man who deserted his wife and meets his mother only for a photo session to claim that he is a great “Matru Bhakt” (mother worshipper). He is the person who claimed that Gujarati girls are beauty conscious just to cover up failure of his administration in providing nutrition to the girls in Gujarat. It was his way of justifying the problem of malnutrition.

Can anyone expect such remarks from a “Matru Bhakt”?

I was going through tweets on my account last night. The way people have blasted him for his remarks shows that people are mature and they do not tolerate such a view. His trolls must be finding it difficult to defend him because these paid warriors cannot find examples to support him.

Many in their tweets reminded Modi of his wife, who is living life in isolation in a remote village of Gujarat. Terrorized by Modi who has become synonym of terrorism in Gujarat, poor lady is not able to share her emotional trauma with anyone.

On the other hand we have Mafatbhai Patel, who is facing another kind of emotional trauma of a family life which has been torn apart by Modi. For those who are not much aware of Modi’s escapades, Mafatbhai Patel is husband of Gujarat Minister Anandiben Patel and frequently expresses before media his pains of Modi dividing his family.

It is not my nature to cross ‘laxman rekha’ of taste of public decency and so I would not write much about Modi’s wife his women friends or woes of Mafatbhai Patel.

I once again say that this is not the culture of Gujarat and I apologize to the women of the country for the remarks made by the Chief Minister of Gujarat. I urge people of Gujarat : “દિશા બદલો , દશા બદલો “

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