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October 30, 2012 Land Allotment Scam: A Joke Probe!

Yet another case of ‘favoured’ justice in Gujarat! Just within a few hours of the declaration of forth coming assembly election dates, the one-man Justice M.B. Shah commission gave the BJP-led Gujarat government a clean chit on unethical land allotment cases. Ironically, this commission was set-up by the Chief Minister himself, pushing aside the demand of probe by a Supreme Court appointed Special Investigation Team or the CBI, and no witnesses were probed in the inquiry!

In regards to the corruption charges, Congress had demanded a high-level investigation by the country’s supreme judicial authority. We had also asked for a Lokayukta probe, but it is no secret that the current Gujarat government is afraid of appointing one. Investigation of scandal in the last 8 years without a Lokayukta will take a lot of time!

We had already given an official application, along with all valid proofs of 17 scams, to the Hon’ble President of India. The M.B. Shah Commission had been working for a long time but without any result. This was pointed-out and opposed by Congress long back. However, it seems that the judgement emerged out of the box suddenly.

The scan under ‘Sujalam Sufalam’ scheme is worth around Rs. 1100 crores which is investigated by not less than 4 senior government officers of atleast the rank of Secretary. It has been more than 6 years now but no reports have been furnished regarding that. The appeals of many organizations have been pushed behind the files; answers have been avoided. The list of unethical land allotment to corporate houses is as follows:

  1. 1,00,000 sq mt to Raheja Builders
  2. 1,00,000 sq mt to DLF
  3. 10,00,000 sq mt to Puri Foundation
  4. >1,00,000 sq mt to Satyam Computers, TCS, ICICI Bank and Aqualine Properties

The above land was allotted in prices lesser than what a common man pays for water! These lands are priced at Rs. 8,800 crore but Government of Gujarat gave it away for only Rs. 1,100 crore. The actual price ranges from Rs. 60,000 to 70,000 per sq mt. but the companies received it at a ridiculous price of Rs. 1-32.

Now note this: The central UPA government had requested the government of Gujarat to allot some appropriate land for establishing a world-class study campus by the name of ‘Central University of Gujarat’. But the application was rejected stating that the lands are too expensive to be given away for such cause!

We are just waiting for December now. Congress, once in power in Gujarat, will take back every piece of unethically allotted land, and will use it for more valuable causes.

Jai Hind.

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