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April 10, 2015 I am a fighter, a loyal soldier of the congress party and I am here to stay.

Dear friends,

I resumed charge of the office as President of Gujarat Pradesh Congress Committee on 1st March, 2011. Accepting my responsibility for defeat in 2012 Legislative Assembly, I tendered my resignation, however, I was asked to continue discharging my duties. After serving for four years as President, finally my resignation was accepted on 2nd March, 2015 and Shri Bharatsinh Solanki has been appointed as my successor as President of Gujarat Pradesh Congress Committee. I congratulated and conveyed my best wishes to Shri Bharatsinh Solanki.

Following the news telecast about cessation of my tenure as President of Gujarat Pradesh Congress Committee, several grass root and prominent colleagues, well wishers and followers have sent their love and support over telephone, through social media and various other mediums. Thousands of my friends have not only expressed their happiness to have worked with me but also expressed their feelings that my absence in politics of Gujarat will be felt by every one.

after stepping down i had time to revisit over the bonds that i was fortunate enough to have amongst us. realizing that your love and support is what has brought me here, I feel that we have strengthened the huge family of Gujarat congress. Up till now I might not have been able to spare enough time to meet colleagues due to a heavy work load and being on the road for at least 20 days a month. Now is the time to make up for it.

I realized the emotions of many friends that are attached to me only after going through the messages of friends. A lot of messages coming my way were on how people were going to miss me. but with complete humbleness I would like to assure you friends that I have been relieved from my responsibility as the president of Gujarat Pradesh Congress Committee.
I would like to keep their fears at bay and say that i have come a long way from the grassroots of our great party.

I am a fighter, a loyal soldier of the congress party and I am here to stay.

How can I forget the Voters that elected me from Porbandar constituency during very difficult situation prevailing the State during 2002. I was assigned responsibility of Whip of Congress Legislative Party in 2003 and Congress Legislative Party Leader (Leader of Opposition) in the year 2004. Though elected for the first time in legislative assembly election, and being comparatively young as well as junior member, I was assigned such an important responsibility. Upon demise of late Shri B. K. Gadhavi, I was also assigned additional responsibility to take care of Pradesh Congress Committee for a period of about five months. I continued discharging this duty of Leader of Opposition till 2007. In 2008, obeying the directive from Congress High command, I shouldered the responsibility as Chairman of Media Committee of Gujarat Pradesh Congress Committee and continued till 2009 Parliament elections. Immediately thereafter, I was appointed as President of Gujarat Pradesh Congress Committee.

Functioning as President of Gujarat Pradesh Congress Committee has remained challenging for the last two decades. In my endeavor to discharge my duties with utmost sincerity, I have been blessed with  constant warmth and affection by Congress President Smt. Sonia Gandhi, Congress Vice President Shri Rahul Gandhi, In-charge General Secretaries of AICC of relevant period, Hon’ble Shri Ahmedbhai Patel, Political Secretary to Congress President, Hon’ble Leaders of Congress Legislative Party, my senior co-leaders, Hon’ble Union Ministers, PCC office bearers, Presidents of District/Taluka Congress Committees, Members of Parliament/Members of Legislative Assembly, heads of frontal organization and heads of Cells/Departments.

Various successful programs were organized during my tenure. Head Quarter building of Gujarat Pradesh Congress Committee – Rajiv Gandhi Bhavan – was reshaped as ideal organization house, carried out task to associate people through social media in a unique way, District level offices were made functional. In some of the districts, offices were made functional in own premises at District level. As per guidance of Hon’ble Congress Vice President Shri Rahul Gandhi, system of convening monthly Executive Committee meeting at the State level and of Taluka/District levels was introduced. Visited almost all the Talukas for more than once.

Prior to 2012 elections, various programs including agitation for rights of farmers, agitation for right to employment for youth, agitation for right to education for students, agitation for laborers for right of work, agitation for Tribal’s rights for tribal people, agitation for fishermen rights for issues concerning fishermen community, agitation under the banner “Hisab Do, Jawab Do” for fight against corruption, Right to safety and security against law and order situation, agitation for Women’s rights for right of women, agitation for right to shelter for the right to have “Ghar Nu Ghar” (own house) etc. were given during my tenure.

Likewise, mass public contact campaigns were also organized. Jan Sampark Yatra covering entire State, “Kinara Bachao Yatra” to voice issues concerning people residing on coastal areas, Jan Sampark Parivartan yatra to raise grievances of urban population, ‘Adivasi Jan Jagaran Yatra’ to voice the issues pertaining to Tribal areas were organized. In such campaigns, apart from myself, prominent leaders of the State also joined. We published a Vision Paper containing 12-point economic programs during 2012 elections. Program of “Ghar Nu Ghar” was point of attraction for entire country which was aimed to benefit 16 lakh home less families. State-wide “Jal Adhikar Yatra” was successfully organized and prevented B.J.P. Government from implementing the statute of Gujarat Irrigation and Water Disposal Management Act brought by it which was compelling the farmers to obtain permission for digging wells.

After 2014, gave a call for ‘Gujarat Band’ on the issue of Law and Order situation and opposing incident of ‘Lattha Kaand” and also successfully organized programs of ‘Gujarat Bandh’ and chalking of traffic “Chakkajam” demanding remunerative prices to the farmers for their crops including cotton groundnut, paddy and sugarcane.

Organized a two days Chintan Shibir two discuss 21 weak points of PCC, which was participated by 350 leaders with an aim to strengthen Gujarat Congress and drafted “Ahmedabad Declaration” by obtaining opinions on 21 points. Organized Vichar Vimarsh Chintan Shibir as per directions of the AICC. Chintan Shibirs organized in Gujarat were exemplary for entire country and some other States also followed our pattern.

By initiating aggressive campaign for enrollment of 25 members for each booth with identity cards, planning to enroll real members in Gujarat remained successful in Gujarat after decades. Gujarat Congress party workers set example for entire country so far as enrolment of members is concerned.

Various meetings and programs of Congress President, Vice President and the Prime Minister were successfully organized. All these three dignitaries guided all of us by visiting Rajiv Gandhi Bhavan.

In Gujarat, we have been struggling for the last two decades to defeat faces tenements. Even during my tenure also, all of us had to pass through tough time and to work hard.  Party worker friends have remained associated with the party even by suffering physically, mentally and financially as well. In all this struggle of ours, media of Gujarat, journalists, voluntary organizations, activists and intellects have helped us.

Now, sunrise appears to be closer, still, we have to continue our struggle. With all our hands together, we will keep our struggle unabated to ensure rights of people of Gujarat.


(Arjun Modhwadia)

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