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November 13, 2012 Happy Deepawali and New Year

Friends Deepawali is here. Glamour and glitter of Deepawali around the festive spirit inspires one and all to rev up life in a higher gear. It brings hopes for a bright and festive new year in our life. I wish all of us have a real New Year this year.

Friends we generally blame destiny or bad luck for ills and evils in our life. But even in the worst spells of gloom and darkness there are flashes which change everything. Deepawali stands for such a bright flash in the dark night of Amavasya which brings in a bright New Year that follows.

I wish that all of us live in a safe and secure Gujarat where prosperity is not a privilege of a selected few. Let this New Year give homes to all so that they can live in the assuring comfort of shelter and security. I pray that the each citizen of Gujarat gets employment which empowers him to fuel his dreams into reality.

To sum up, I wish that the prosperity of Gujarat and its people should not be just a number game governed by mischievous law of averages, but a true reality with the spirit of distributive justice, where everyone gets just and fair share.

Friends, this Deepawali holds the master key for such a bright future where all of us live in safe and secure Gujarat, our own Gujarat, a Gujarat which brings light into every home and prosperity in the life of everyone. And yes, you hold the key to this Gujarat.

Just a click, on the right hand will make the difference that all of us have been yearning for since several years. The date with this bright Gujarat and prospering Gujaratis is already fixed, December 20.

Once again, I wish you all a happy and prosperous Deepawali followed by a real New Year, emerging on horizon of December 20.

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