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October 15, 2012 Happy Birthday Rajivji!

Rajiv Gandhi: The true people’s leader

When Taj Mahal was first discovered, “seeing is believing” was said about it. I think the same phrase can be used for the personality of Late Shri Rajiv Gandhi…

Those who had the honor to meet him in person know what I am talking about here. A true people’s leader; hailing from practically the first political family of India, Rajiv Gandhi had the privilege of studying in premiere institutes like Trinity College and Imperial College. Western education played a decisive part in shaping his personality. He saw the world, met a variety of people and understood different cultures. Politics must have been there somewhere deep inside, but it was to come out at the right moment.

Losing his brother and mother did not break him as a person. He knew he had to carry forward the legacy his grandfather left. He knew he had to do something about the people of this country that would justify his name. His education, honesty, dedication and the ability to foresee the future came handy while serving the nation.

From the day he entered the mainstream politics, his focus was on human development. He was the kind of leader who moved around the country, from urban to remotest areas, gathering needs of people and understanding their lifestyles. Being well-versed with the current happenings around the world he knew the importance of technology in human lives. In his own words, “It is not important to have technology at your fingertips. It is important to apply the right technology at the right time…” His efforts introduced telephone, computers, electronic education, modern healthcare and hygiene solutions and the most important of all – right to vote.

Rajiv Gandhi was the true visionary of a Modern India. He knew the power of youth and willful thinking. He knew that the future belongs to young minds that are blessed with unique vision and aggressive approach. He carved the path to provide an open and optimistic society that would remain at par with the technological changes of the world. Be it women, employment or Panchayats, Shri Rajiv Gandhi took care of each sector that was important for shaping the future of this country.

Today, on his birthday, let us take out some time to reassess our actions so that we can work unanimously towards achieving what Late Rajiv Gandhi saw for his India. Jai Hind!

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