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October 30, 2012 ‘Fishgate’: Another scam gate opens…

It is slowly coming out. The state of Gujarat and its people have been hammered with bunch of lies by a leader who they thought was the best this era could see. But things have been exposed profoundly. And now it’s just a matter of time…

A recent article by an English news daily pinned on the signature statement of the Chief Minister of Gujarat which went like this: “Khaato nathi ne khaava deto nathi” (I don’t bribes and I do not allow others either). He might have wished that these straight words would emerge him as a perfect leader among the crowd of Gujarat. But as they say, truth never hides. Parshottam Solanki, MoS Fisheries in Gujarat government faces arrest in Rs 400-crore fishing contract scam. Criminal prosecution has been launched against him after the Gujarat High Court found irregularities in awarding contracts.

This has not been the only black spot in Modi’s governance. He has been wary of appointing a Lokayukta in Gujarat. It has been nearly 10 years now since that appointment has been filled. Justice R.A. Mehta who has been distinguished in his services as a Judge, had been appointed since a long time but Gujarat government has been delaying the process of his appointment. It clearly shows that there are secrets, waiting to be revealed. Narendra Modi’s favouritism for a bunch of industrialists is not a secret. Appointment of a Lokayukta will bring the skeletons out of the cupboard!

Gujarat is not a surplus state when it comes to feeding the cattle. It has limited grazing lands. But Gujarat government in an effort to woo industrial houses gave away grazing lands in paltry amount. Opposition at the centre has been going gaga over the alleged ‘coalgate’ on the suggestion of the same Comptroller and Auditor General of India (CAG), but they have not been able to say anything on this. Now the ‘fishgate’ will give BJP sleepless nights and we promise to see the matter through.

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